Child and Adolescent

Children cannot express themselves through words at all times.  Many times, they are unaware of why they feel the way they feel.  The struggles faced by children may affect their behavior and mental health.  When a child or adolescent is the part of a family system facing divorce or conflict, this is a time to listen to your youth.  Alicia offers play-therapy for children and talk therapy for teenagers.  Her unique style of counseling allow the youth to express themselves and understand how to cope with life changes.

Depression and anxiety symptoms in a child or adolescent may present differently than an adult.  If you are concerned about your child or teenager, bring them in for an assessment.  Suicide is one of the leading causes of death among youth in America.  The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention published that suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States.

Counseling for Grandparents raising Grandchildren is available.  In Spartanburg and Greenville County, there is an astronomical rise among grandparents faced with taking care of their grandchild.  Many of the difficulties faced include: financial hardship, communication break-down due to generational gap, court battles, and more.  Alicia offers treatment plan to aid in transitioning the family into a health, happy lifestyle.

Supervised Visitation is often ordered by the Family Court System when a child is removed from a parent.  This is a difficult process for both parent and child.  During the supervised visit, Alicia will assure both custodial parent, child and/or adolescent, and visiting parent of a conflict-free environment.  Documentation of visits is provided upon request, as well as court appearances, when needed.

Reunification Therapy is a process of reunifying a parent with a child, after the child has been separated from the parent.  In custody battles, the court may find that a child must be removed from the care of a parent in order to provide safety for the child.  This does not mean that the child will remain away form the parent permanently.  If the court awards a transition process utilizing reunification therapy, Alicia will begin the process on a case by case basis.  She will work closely with the child's Guardian ad litem, child's therapist, and all parties involved in the case.  The ultimate goal is to honor the needs of the child first.



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