Counseling Services

Alicia is trained to assess and diagnose depression, anxiety, and other related mental health issues.  She offers a holistic approach to therapy, individualized to meet your needs.  When necessary, Alicia will work closely with your doctor to assure proper treatment is provided.

End of Life Counseling is a type of service that provides care for the family and patient.  Questions that arise when faced with a critical health issue may include: pain relief, basic care, medical decisions, preparation of a will and/or living will, quality of life, and more.  Studies have shown how beneficial end of life counseling can be for the family as a whole.  End of life counseling is also suggested for those who are 50 years of age of over and in good health. 

Making decisions to protect your family and loved ones in case of sudden tragedy gives peace of mind. 

Spiritual Counseling is offered through the practice.  Alicia has served as a pastor and Chaplain.  She is dedicated to helping others to discover their faith.  One of her specialties includes care for previous pastors and/or lay person who have experienced spiritual abuse by the leadership of the ministry in which they previously served.  You are not alone if you have been hurt through a church or ministry.

Grief Counseling aids the individual in moving through the process of grief.  The stages of grief are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.  Every individual deals with grief in various ways.  The goal is to move through the stages at their own pace, while remaining mindful of the danger of depression and anxiety issues.  Not Everyone who grieves  becomes diagnosed with anxiety and/or depression.  Gaining knowledge and tools concerning the grief process is helpful to those who have experienced loss.  Grief comes as a result of death; however, there are various losses that bring grief.  Divorce, loss of a job or career, a house fire, and other losses warrant the individual's right to grieve.

Intimacy Issues are often the result of relational conflict; however, there are other reasons for sexual and intimacy issues.  When there are issues with intimacy, one can benefit from counseling in order to understand how to better the relationship.  The counseling will help you understand the importance of a physical exam to rule out physical problems.  The fear of intimacy may arise from those who have been sexually abused.  These types of intimacy issues require counseling.  Life brings changes and milestones.  Among these changes are child birth, retirement, menopause, career changes, and children leaving the home.  When a couple suffers from sexual or intimacy issues, there is a possibility that the individual does not feel loved, valued, or emotionally safe.



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