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Co-Parenting Counseling is the process of working with divorcees and their child(ren) and/or adolescent during or after divorce.  Identifying the level of conflict present among the divorcees requires a detailed plan of treatment.  The ultimate goal is for the parents to put first the needs of the child(ren) and/or adolescent above the parent's needs and wants.  When tools and knowledge are applied, this type of counseling is successful.  Alicia will work with attorneys, Guardian ad Litem, counselors, and each individual involved in the case.  She provides a neutral environment for the parents to learn skills that will provide the opportunity for them to work together in the parenting process.  Alicia is an expert witness in the Family Court System in Spartanburg, Cherokee, Anderson, and Greenville County.  The goal is to LOVE YOUR CHILD MORE THAN YOU HATE THE OTHER PARENT.  No longer should individuals use the family court system as a weapon to hurt the other parents.  NOONE wins in family court.  It is unfortunate when a couple cannot resolve their differences.  The inability to resolve conflict often leads to divorce.  In order to heal and move forward, the parents must learn to collaboratively communicate and make decisions concerning the well-being of their child.  This cannot be accomplished effectively without compromise.  Alicia is dedicated to aiding in the process of developing tools and skills needed for parents that are willing to change.  CONFLICT DEMANDS CHANGE!

Family Counseling is a system approach to counseling.  Individuals are affected by the family system in various ways.  Alicia provides insight into relational issues, while helping individuals to understand one another and communicate in a healthy manner.  During the process of family counseling, Alicia will uncover what change needs to take place.  Her motto is that conflict demands change.  The change may take place in how each individual interacts within the system. Often, change must occur in how each individual views the other. 

Couples Counseling is a often part of a decision made by the couple as a last resort.  It is recommended that each individual in the relationship present to therapy in order for success.  If the couple if considering divorce, therapy can help them to determine how they must proceed.  Reconciliation counseling is also available for couple who are separated.  Alicia will work to identify the root cause of the conflict, while assisting the individual and couple to make decisions for the future. 

Collaborative Divorce Counseling is a process that involves making decisions to move forward with a divorce without high-conflict.  Divorce is an experience much like a death.  Emotions are high and blur decision making abilities.  The couple will fight over meaning less topics, spending thousands of dollars on court and attorney fees.  Many divorces costs between $30K-$50K in Spartanburg and Greenville County.  Alicia will help you to resolve conflict, make decisions collaboratively, and move forward with your life.  Such decision to make involve: custody, visitation of children, asset division, child-support, and more.  These decision are often overwhelming.  Allow Alicia to help you work through this time without spending years in court and money that you could use for your child's well-being and future.

Divorce Care Counseling is a process of counseling that aids the individual in moving through the process of grief associated with the hurt from the marriage and divorce.  Part of this process involves gaining an understanding of how each individual contributed to the demise of the marriage.  However, when abuse was present in the marriage, the type of treatment needed for the individual is specialized to meet their needs.



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